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The AI Technology

Our AI chatbots leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) that learn from extensive text data to understand and generate human language. This technology enables our chatbots to precisely respond to inquiries and optimize the user experience.

Dashboard for AI Performance

Our dashboard provides detailed analysis of chatbot performance and customer interactions. You get real-time insights into the usage and effectiveness of your chatbot, can monitor customer satisfaction, and continuously improve service quality to optimize the user experience.

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Service AI chatbot example handling customer service

Complete Integration

For our AI chatbot, we offer flexible integrations on your website, in the CRM system, and across various service platforms. This adaptability allows for seamless embedding into existing digital ecosystems, enhancing information exchange and increasing efficiency.

Current & Individual Integrations


24/7 Availability

Our chatbots are naturally available around the clock and respond in seconds.

Knowledge Base

With Chatfleet AI, you can easily maintain your own documents and update your chatbot independently.

Simple Integration

Chatfleet can be easily integrated into your existing and future tools.


The AI can be trained in over 100+ languages and can respond in all these languages, making it usable worldwide.

GDPR Conformity

With our extensive experience and hosting within the EU, we stand for GDPR-compliant use of AI chatbots.

Real-time Analytics

Utilize the analytics dashboard to track the success of your chatbots and continuously evaluate their performance.

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